Annemarie grew up in Bennekom, a small village in Holland near the German border.
At age four she participated in her first dance class and knew she wanted to be a performer.
She began studying at the local ballet school and had her first solo-performance at the age of five. From then on her mother took her to meet prima ballerina’s and see them perform.

A few years later, Annemarie went to a professional ballet school in order to study with professional teachers and to join their selection groups. One day Annemarie decided: ‘I want to live in NYC!’

In addition to ballet, Annemarie began taking Jazz dance and Tap dance classes and attended the Dance Academy Brabant to train on the weekends. She was the ‘leading lady’ in high school musicals where she would sing, dance and act. She was not intimidated in front of large audiences.

Annemarie was accepted at Lucia Marthas Institute for Performing Arts LMIPA (formerly known as The Amsterdam Ballet Academy for Show/Musical, SABA) at the age of 18 and moved to Amsterdam with a suitcase full of ballet clothes.

At the Academy she mastered the disciplines of Show-Musical, Jazz Dance, Tap Dance, Modern Jazz, Modern Dance, Acting/Drama, Singing/Voice, Speech, Music (History), history of Dance, Tutoring, etc. She also learnt to deal with press and paparazzi, how to perform in front of camera’s and how to interact with an audience and win it over.

Her determination, motivation, hard work, energy and teaching skills convinced her teachers that she was worth their patience; her talent, discipline and perseverance got her the leading role in the Academy’s prestigious School Performance.

During her study she performed as a dancer in various shows for European television (Holland, Belgium and Germany), Events, Theatres, Football Stadiums, etc.
She graduated and received two diploma’s: Performing Arts and Dance Teacher.

She was offered a job in ShowBizCity (an entertainment concept where the public can take a look into the world of ‘Showbusiness’.) Aside from this job as a dancer, singer and dance captain, Annemarie also worked as a dance teacher for several years at the Academy, public schools and ballet schools.

Annemarie decided to strengthen her acting skills since her talent was also in that area. She attended an acting school in Amsterdam and later moved to NYC to study with the best at the Lee Strasberg Theatre (& Film) Institute. After 3 months she was asked to join the professional classes. She had her first Off-Off Broadway performance after 13 months and was cast in several short and independent films.


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