A big thank you

Al big thank you to all the lovely couples I worked with in 2019! Hats off! The results of the first dance were amazing! I really appreciate all the hard work, feedback, pictures and recommendations (on Facebook and Linkedin). Lots of you shared your professional video with me. I always love to see that. I really enjoyed working with you. I’ve being doing this for 12 years and I still love what I do!!! This year I also took time to work on my own skills again. I absolutely love to train by myself in the professional dance studios.  (As you can see in the pictures below.) I am my own dance teacher(:). I hope 2020 brings lots of joy, dance, love, laughter and happiness. Many thanks and all the best!

Annemarie de Ruijter dans 1  Annemarie de Ruijter dans 2 Annemarie de Ruijter dans 3 Annemarie de Ruijter dans 4 Annemarie de Ruijter dans 7  Annemarie de Ruijter dans 8  Annemarie de Ruijter dans 6 Annemarie de Ruijter dans 9

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